The Breedlove Law Firm Provides Alternative Route to Court

The Breedlove Law Firm, led by attorney Pamela N. Breedlove and based in Bossier City, Louisiana, serves clients in the areas of civil mediation, family mediation, and health care law.

By providing mediation, the Breedlove Law Firm allows matters to be dealt with privately. But is also equipped to handle cases that need to progress through the court system. The firm also assists with cases affiliated with the complicated health care laws.

Civil mediation allows parties to meet, with or without representation, in a neutral location to resolve a legal issue. According to The Breedlove Law Firm’s website, “the Mediator will have private and confidential caucuses with each of the parties and their counsel to explore interests and settlement options…the Mediator keeps information obtained in the private sessions confidential unless she is authorized to disclose it to the other party.” The parties benefit by keeping the issue confidential and off public record. When the issue is resolved, the Mediator prepares a legal statement to be signed giving the conclusion of the mediation authority.

The area of family mediation touches on people’s personal lives in sensitive matters. These issues can include problems during a divorce, child support/custody and other problems. The Breedlove Law Firm titles this area “Cooperative Family Mediation.” They focus mainly on child custody cases during parental divorce or separation. Mediation keeps the family from public, limiting trial while allowing parents the freedom to voice concerns. The firm suggests that clients participating in family mediation “be prepared to communicate about your children and your perception of their specific needs.” If necessary, the firm can assist clients with continuing the case in the court room.

Health care laws are long and complicated and they change often. The Breedlove Law Firm utilizes its knowledge of these health care laws to assist patients navigating the hospital system. Insurance companies have stringent rules and patients often need assistance receiving the financial assistance they deserve with insurance. The firm also ensures medical facilities follow the law since, as its website states, “the compliance with state and federal statutory and administrative laws and regulations is crucial to the ongoing success of all health care providers.”

Pamela N. Breedlove has practiced law for over 15 years and is also licensed for mediation. Experienced in a variety of areas, her firm serves the Bossier City, Louisiana area with skill and flexibility. But the main focus of the firm’s website is cooperative family mediation. However, the office also handles more mundane clerical tasks such as handling estates and wills. If handled improperly, cases like these could end up requiring cooperative family mediation. Pamela Breedlove and her team work hard to help families with budding issues before the cases need to go to court. If court is necessary, a lawyer steps in to assist the family.

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