The Butler Experience: a Business Guide on Keeping “Service” in Customer Service

PHOENIX, AZ – 11 Mar, 2017 – Just released, The Butler Experience is available on Amazon Kindle for $3.49 with a FREE download promotion going on now for a limited time.  The book is inspired by Steven, a man in his late 20s known as “The Butler” who before passing away in early 2015 after an accident, personified the best of the best in providing customer service on behalf of his employer.

Written by Brian Rowland, MBA, the book is geared to businesses of all sizes and is based on his own professional relationship with Steven. It provides practical information and techniques to help readers improve their company customer service culture, whether Direct-to-Consumer or Business-to-Business.

“Organizations understand that customer service comes with challenges and opportunities, but they often struggle in developing, implementing and maintaining that strong internal culture to overcome challenges and embrace new ways to improve,” Rowland said. “This book is intended to change that.”

There is often a significant negative economic impact on a business with poor customer service. An article posted online by Forbes in August 2016 indicated that the financial impact from poor customer service has spiraled downward since 2013. “Businesses are losing $62 billion per year through poor customer service. That’s up $20 billion since 2013, just three years ago,” the article said.

Rowland also explains that today’s heavy usage of social media platforms worsens the issue. “As consumers and customers, we have numerous online forums at our disposal to share that negative customer service experience with the world – and we don’t hesitate to use them.”

While there are countless other books on customer service, Rowland said the difference with The Butler Experience is that other books on the market describe what excellent customer service is, but do not provide the tools and resources to develop those hands-on skills that enhance customer service. Rowland said Steven had those skills and inspired others to do better, which is the basis for the book.

“He elevated his employer’s company from good to exceptional customer service simply by being a man committed to learning, doing his best and providing the best possible service to others, both personally and professionally. We can all do that.” Below is an excerpt from The Butler Experience:

Steven’s commitment to service and style not only quickly endeared him to his fellow team members and customers, but earned him a nickname of “The Butler.” He was without question an empowered individual and leader who earned a lot of trust from his fellow employees and the customers. His skills and commitment to an excellent customer experience changed the customer service culture.

About the author:

Brian Rowland has been recognized as a business strategist with proven successes in driving revenue growth, accelerating employee performance, managing multi-million dollar P&L budgets, and maximizing shareholder value in competitive industries. His interactive, motivational, and decisive management style has enabled him to drive business growth, institute streamlined processes and procedures, deliver customer service excellence and generate synergy across systems, teams, and businesses.

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