IIT Kharagpur to Set up the First School on Quality and Reliability

OMAHA, NE – 11 Mar, 2017 – The Indian Institute of Technology is the premier institute of technology in India, with various campuses all over India. It boasts of world famous alumni like Sundar Pichai, Vinod Khosla, and countless others. IIT Kharagpur is now leading the pack again with the starting of a school on Quality and Reliability (Q&R), a first of its kind in the whole world.

The Institute which set the trend for engineering, management, medical technology, and IPR law education, has now ventured into the domain of Quality with an aim to improve the trinity of Process, Planet, and People (3P’s), targeting engineering systems, human systems, and natural systems. The school will be truly interdisciplinary in that faculty members as well as students will be from various disciplines. Apart from traditional Q&R areas, the school will have a holistic view on Q&R by including various application domains of the 3P’s.

Dr. Subir Chowdhury, the eminent global Quality guru, has helped IIT Kharagpur set up the school through his donation and expertise. “Quality affects us in many ways, not just in products and services, but in everything we do. Having a School of Quality at IIT Kharagpur will act as a catalyst in changing the way everyone on campus thinks and over time the way the world will think about quality,” Chowdhury says. “We are very fortunate to have a distinguished alumni and world recognized Quality Guru, Subir Chowdhury, as the patron of the school. With his involvement and philanthropy, the school will be called the “Subir Chowdhury School of Quality and Reliability,” said Arjun Malhotra, a distinguished alumnus and technology entrepreneur.

Dr. Chowdhury is a committed philanthropist who through the Subir and Malini Chowdhury Foundation has contributed significantly to academics at top global institutions. The Foundation has offered 1 million USD as endowment funding for establishing the school. This funding will be equally matched by IIT Kharagpur. Subir along with his organization, ASI Consulting Group, will actively support the development of academic materials, laboratories, and faculty for the school. The Foundation and the Institute share a common vision of becoming a global expert in producing ideas, principles, and methods of competent human resources leading to quality orientation. The Foundation will also help engage international experts in the subject areas. M. Tech and MS in Quality and Reliability Engineering (QRE) and Micro specializations for Undergraduate students will start in the academic year 2017-18. Dual degree programs with B.Tech in any discipline and M.Tech in QRE will be launched the following year. An integration with the MBA and Entrepreneurship programs is also on the horizon. Additionally, at least one course will be taught by an international expert in a year and there will an offering of PhD courses.

The Subir Chowdhury School of Quality and Reliability will become the torchbearer of the global quality movement and help drive quality throughout the world through education and research. 

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