To Enjoy a Golden Surfing Experience with Airwheel M3 Smart Electric Airboard

Skateboarding is a kind of fierce activity which provides more thrills and excitements for skateboarders. In fact, every skateboarder dreams of skating like a superman with a high speed and attractive postures. M3 is the first and the only electric skateboard in Airwheel so far. It gives the people a reason to live a positive and vibrant lifestyle.

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When it comes to skateboard lovers, Airwheel M3 gives them a golden surfing on land. M3 gives the people a reason to live a positive and vibrant lifestyle. Fancy appearance of M3 is the very first advantage when compared with ordinary skateboards. It is made from Canadian maple, also named as M3 maple electric skateboard with stable performance and non-deformation.

Its board is completely hand-made and thus the figure line is much smoother. Meanwhile, many different DIY stickers and board, even the battery can be applied to M3 self-balancing air board, which largely increases the sense of fashion.

M3 self-balancing air board

Of course good wheels won’t fill the bumps on roads. But the shock absorptiong modules on the wheels are the key elements why Airwheel M3 electric skateboards can run smoothly and quickly on tough road conditions. Under the board, there is power unit, shock-absorbing system, automatic steering-sensor system, remote control device and tires.

In order to make sure high-efficiency and stable skateboarding, M3 adopts modular design. That is to say, a dysfunctional part won’t affect the normal running of the whole system.

Airwheel M3 electric skateboards

Speaking of power unit, M3 is equipped with advanced lithium-ion battery, which guarantees steady power supply and long working life. More importantly, the adopted 2.4G remote control let users control M3 electric skateboard easily and freely. With the remote control, it can realize infinitely variable speeds and the effective distance reaches 10 meters.

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Intelligent Airwheel M3 makes all of high-difficulty skating skills, like the Aerial, the Inert and the Ollie, be finished more easily. For those young boys and girls who love to weave on the streets, M3 absolutely is the very first choice. In addition, M3 self-balancing air board also can be used as exercise equipment. Skateboarding is helpful to train the coordinating ability, self-balancing ability and flexibility of four limbs and all body muscles.

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