Airwheel Z8 Smart Lightweight Electric Scooter Lets Rider Be A Taste-Maker

What’s fashion? Opinions vary. David Beckham and his families’ dress up may always be the focus for the messes all over the world; playing iPhone 7 may be called a fashion; having a delicious durian pizza also can be a fashion. Some regard riding Airwheel Z8 small wheel electric scooter is also a fashion currently.

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Fashion is something that attracts people to admire. Science and technology guides life. New technology and new products always bring a wave of followings. Z8 mini lightweight electric scooter is the latest product launched by Airwheel. Better performance and multiple functions make this electric mobility scooter become the much-imitated fashion icon. From the design to the appearance, Airwheel Z8 shows its unique characters.

Airwheel Z8 mini electric scooter

The design of Z8 looks more beautiful which is consistent with the principle of ergonomics. Its appearance adopts low temperature painting technology, after japanning and washing etc. over ten processes that enables the product appearance to become excellent and to have strong corrosion resistance, realizing longer service life. Also, the control lever of Airwheel Z8 mini electric scooter can be adjusted to different lengths according to the status of riders. Multiple fold system makes it handy. The fire-new folding joint and the concealed lock catch design are the main factor for its amazing outlook. Plus the 3.2 inch wheel makes Airwheel Z8 very portable to carry and stow no matter it is in the buses, subways, home, elevator, or car trunks.

Z8 motorized scooter

Referring to the intelligent security tail lights system, Airwheel Z8 2-wheeled electric scooter is equipped with 3M reflect light that is exclusively designed for night riding, making riding safer and more energy-saving and greener. Every time riders start the accelerator, it will combine the vehicle gear options. After precise calculation, the instantaneous output signals will be delivered to the motor controller of Z8 the most efficient drive motor output, so as to bring more sensitive control experience.

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Exclusive App is developed to master the real-time riding data, such as the speed residual capacity, track, mileage, etc. By the App, Z8 motorized scooter can adjust its current velocity parameters and increase the level of comfort riding experience. All these performance proof that Airwheel Z8 is a taste-maker.

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