Kuester Management Group Reveals How New HOA Board Members Can Prepare to Serve

Kuester Management Group offers some ways in which those who are new to HOA Board service can fully prepare themselves for the responsibilities of their position.

Serving on the Board of an HOA can be a deeply rewarding experience. It is also a major responsibility. An HOA is a business with its own budget and many moving parts, and the decisions made within the HOA have practical implications for everyone who lives in the community. This can all be daunting, which makes it vital for those who are new to Board service to properly prepare themselves. In a new statement to the press, Kuester Management Group reveals three things new Board members can do to get ready for service.

“The first thing I would recommend is obtaining copies of all pertinent HOA documents,” says Bryan Kuester, President of Kuester Management Group. “Immerse yourself in the work of the HOA by familiarizing yourself with key reports.”

Specifically, Kuester encourages new Board members to spend time reviewing covenants and bylaws, the most recent budget, the most recent reserve study, key vendor contracts, insurance policies, and minutes from recent Board meetings. “Ask a more seasoned HOA Board member to sit down with you and help you to truly understand these important documents,” he offers.

Second, Kuester recommends sitting down with key stakeholders in the HOA and asking them for their insights and advice. “It would be beneficial to touch base with the property manager, the outgoing treasurer, and the HOA attorney, if at all possible,” he affirms.

Finally, Kuester recommends pursuing training opportunities or educational resources, which can often be obtained through the management company. “Ask your HOA manager for any informational resources he or she might be able to provide, including seminar and workshop opportunities,” Kuester advises. “Education is a big focus at Kuester Management Group, and we are always glad to assist new Board members in this way.

Ultimately, Kuester says, taking these steps will help Board members to hit the ground running.

Kuester Management Group offers a range of services to associations in North and South Carolina. For more information about the services and support provided by Kuester Management Group, visit the company’s website,  www.kuester.com.


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