Strongman Central Offers The Latest Tips For The Aspiring Strongman

United States – Strongman Central has recently emerged as the blog site to beat for all things reguarding the process of becoming an aspiring strongman. While the website has not been around for long, it has become a user friendly and informative source for the best information regarding strongman competition and training. The website is focused on providing content that will be helpful to strongman enthusiasts as well as fans of the sport. While the blog’s main focus is to gain enthusiasm, it also makes note of safety in order to achieve the best possible results without the risk of injury.

“Our blog was designed with the ultimate goal of giving newbies to the sport the knowledge and information, as well as practical advice, that will help them to better themselves as strongman competitors,” explains the blog’s founder, Jason. “I have a strong passion and background in strongman events all over the US, which has been my inspiration in launching this website. It is my goal to help anyone aspiring to become a competing strongman by giving them the best possible advice for training and practical advancement, as well as some notes on top of the line products and upcoming events for the sport.”

The term “strongman” is an umbrella word used to describe a number of strength sports. While it was done in an entertainment background via the circus at first, it became a sport in the 20th century and eventually branched out into subsport competition events like powerlifting and weightlifting. The sport even carries its own level of fame, with such notable names as Zishe Breitbart, Koca Yusuf, Flemming Rasmussen and Mariusz Pudzianowski.

Strongman Central is more than just a blog. It aspires to be an online guide and rule book for anyone who wants to be involved in strongman events. It posts everything from equipment tips to records strongmen can take on and proper posture in lifting. Strongman Central also promises to be an online repository of upcoming strongman events that readers can attend and participate in. One of the great things about Strongman Central is the fact that the posts in the platform are geared especially for those who do not know the basics yet. A variety of topics related to strongmen events, fitness and etiquette are discussed in the site regularly in the hopes to promote strongman events as sporting activities.


Established by Jason, a self-confessed San Francisco resident and “strongman advocate” who is also active in the strongman community, Strongman Central aims to be an online authority on heavy lifting and the strongman lifestyle.

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