Shifty Eyes SXSW Official Showcase

AUSTIN, TEXAS – 13 Mar, 2017 – “Shifty Eyes has an Official SXSW Showcase coming up in March and this visionary artist will be bringing his perfectionist mindset to arguably one of the most significant shows in his career thus far. New singles will be integrated into his intricate live performances promoting a fresh LP that was recently recorded in Atlanta, Georgia.

Shifty Eyes is bringing more energy than ever with his highly efficient team of dedicated music professionals at one of the biggest music events in the United States in Austin, Texas.  The SXSW will be the ultimate testament, as Shifty Eyes will be competing with industry giants at the highest levels to persuade a novel audience to his fundamental movement of conscious music. 

Shifty Eyes embodies the universal concept of a pipe dream dispersed with intimate set backs of real life spectacles embodied in every ounce of his music. This musician began hustling from venue to venue  establishing a following and grinding out with precision at every show upping the bar of creative expression through deliberate rap performances. The SXSW will be the pinnacle of a make or break moment for Shifty Eyes that he has been preparing for diligently.

This is the perfect opportunity to show his remarkable faculties in an oversaturated rap industry and display his unique abilities of MC-ing at an elite level in front of hundreds of people. Shifty Eyes will be putting his talents to the test against some of rap’s biggest names both well known and independently.  This is his title shot to bring pride back to his hometown of Canada, his supportive family and a highly devoted fan base.” @CarsonCLee

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