Panda “Qiyi” Holding Thigh Becomes an Online Celebrity, His Cuteness Surprises Panda Fans of the World

Source: China News
Editor: Huijun Cao

On March 1, China News (Journalist Yuan An) reported that the panda “Qiyi” who has become an international online celebrity recently was having fun with his nursing daddy at the outside activity field in Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

When his nursing daddy passed by “Qiyi” for a short stay, he would hold one thing of his nursing daddy and didn’t let it go.

Panda “Qiyi” was born on July 1 last year; he is over half-year old now. Recently, after the video of “Qiyi” holding the thigh of his nursing daddy was released to the internet, he instantly becomes the online celebrity, and surprises the panda fans of the world.

According to the information, the total flow of the video released on the platforms such as official micro-blog and facebook by ipanda has reached 838 million, and the extranet video had about 300,000 comments, was shared for over 2 million times, and there were 120 million of page views. 

According to the introduction of Bo Chen, the nursing daddy of “Qiyi”, the age of “Qiyi” is equal to two and a half years of human beings; his mom is giant panda “Qiyuan”. Among the pandas born last year, Qiyi really has an active character to some degree.

You can easily find him among all the ball-like pandas as the appearance of  “Qiyi” is very special; he has a cluster of protruding hair on the top of head which the net friends joke that it is very like a WiFi signal projector. 

Bo Chen said that the behavior of holding thighs is a basic habit for panda babies actually, and they all like to hold thighs basically. But what “Qiyi” is different from other pandas is that he is very persistent in holding thighs. Before holding the thigh, he will keep on chasing after the thigh.

Apart from holding thighs, “Qiyi” also likes flopping; he would pretend falling down while walking, and then roll on the ground. Bo Chen said, “Actually, he just feel it is interesting. Our thighs are like new toys to him, so he is so excited.”

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