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What if you want to help people in struggling communities realise their dreams or shape their ideas? Or at least inspire them to unleash their potential and stay on their path of purpose? What if you want to create an eco-system of businessmen, budding entrepreneurs, writers, journalists, social activists, across spectrum and cultures who help build bridges and not create walls? Do you then create a business or a non-profit?

There is perhaps no right answer to this. Because over the years and generations, the sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ too changes. And that is the endeavour of digital space like ‘I Am An Entrepreneur,’ (iamanentrepeneur.in) powered by Startguru, a dedicated platform to promote the dreamers, the doers, the odd ones and help the youngsters collaborate, co-ordinate and create their niche. They are digital experts trying to transform the lives of others and empower them to build a more fulfilling work-life for themselves and others. They have social consciousness embedded in their DNA and they are increasingly trying to advance beyond any sense of ‘light’ and ‘dark,’ showing the ‘inter-relatedness’ among all things.

As a result, financial sector and social impact are becoming ever more connected. While around two decades ago, businesses, social ventures and government were distinct entities, with their own goals, responsibilities and strategies. Slowly in the 1990s the ideas around co-working and possibilities of more collaboration started developing. Thanks to an evolving mind-set and an enterprising youth, there has been a sort of transformation in the ways businesses happen in India. A lot of players are thinking of new ways of doing things with a fresh perspective.

Iamanenterpreneur.in does not respect the walls among several institutions, organisations and individuals. They want to put social good at the heart of every entity they involve with and inspire the burgeoning youth to transform their ideas into reality.

Slowly what is unfolding is a blending of the goals of several enterprising individuals and companies who could co-create and bring in revolution in the way businesses happen in India.

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