Alpha University Celebrates Course Expansion Into Online Format

New York based masculinity training firm, Alpha University’s profile is rising in the masculinity training world. The company recently celebrated the expansion of their flagship course into an online format.

March 13, 2017 – New York, NY, USA – Dominating in life can be a difficult task to accomplish for a man in a society hostile to masculinity.  Obtaining the right training can make all the difference in the world.  Enter a university dedicated entirely to teaching the next generation of alpha males, the New York based masculinity training firm, Alpha University and the very impressive list of clients that they work with.  Recently, the company celebrated an expansion of its flagship alpha male course into an online format from its already existing weekend workshop and month-long training offerings.

“There’s no lack of good reasons to be excited about our alpha male course here at Alpha University,” commented a spokesperson from the firm.  “We encourage interested students and professionals to really dig into whether they want to merely seem alpha or to truly become an alpha male. The skills necessary to appear to be an alpha male are different than those to actually become an alpha male and dominate in philosophy, love, finance, and health.”

According to Alpha University, some highlights of the alpha male course include a proprietary alpha male methodology which involves; alpha in philosophy, alpha in love, alpha in finance, and alpha in health.

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About Alpha University

Alpha University is dedicated to making heterosexual males more dominant in the areas of love, finance, health and philosophy. Their instructors are investment banking professionals trained in high finance and are also successful in their love lives. There are many books and workshops that teach pickup, but Alpha University is about using game to find true love with a feminine female that lasts a lifetime.

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