VLogic Labs has prompted as potential player into emerging techno services in northern India in last 4 years. From the inception of the company it is concentrated into R&D of Innovative Ideas and part to be a prominent startup which can change the fundamentals of society working in the region.

Following are few quick highlights about Vlogic Labs:

• 500+ projects delivered to 200+ clients of various domains last year.
• Well defined process for all departments to manage project smoothly.
• Expertise in developing huge user-base database driven applications on popular platforms.
• Dedicated R&D team for all challenging & complex projects.
• Quality checks on each steps to assure development is on right path.

Seamless Tomorrow’ is what we envision as we roll up our sleeves in upcoming years. And today we’re prepared for a bigger, better, and sharper future. Yes, we are!

A tomorrow where the discrete must become continuum and the technology has linked us at lightning speed to each other. As we look to the future, we’re equally thrilled to announce our new brand positioning. We’re stepping into a whole new phase and we call it “VLL 3.0”.

We feel that to stay ahead in the digital world, it’s imperative to bring in a fresh perspective, a new brand voice and solutions that can solve mission-critical challenges for our customers.

Vlogic Labs is on a journey with its customers and partners to reinvent tomorrow so there are no gaps, no barriers, and no extremes. Together, we aim to deliver innovative technology solutions that helps make things simpler and break the silos, leading customers into a seamless tomorrow. Digital transformation, cloud computing, machine learning, IoT, application modernization, enterprise mobility, and digital asset management are a few of our services and solutions we’re emphasizing upon more.

Vlogic labs would like to thank its R&D Team led by Mr. Agnivesh Tiwari to implement internet less chat on various supported devices of current generations.  Due to guidance of Agnivesh Tiwari or Team was able to implement next set of required sync for CoRover. It’s led this app to be one of the prominent apps in the region and attract investors and incubator interest.

VLogic Labs follows strict guidelines and platform of “doers.online” which led its client to track progress of their project in the required budget.

CoRover signs a deal with Vlogic Labs with trust given by Sandeep Srivastava, Partner and Agnivesh Tiwari R&D Head and BDM.

CoRover has also revealed the next big thing on cards, the Internet-Less chat. The app provides real-time connectivity between passengers traveling in the same bus, train or even on the same flight and for the first time, users will not need active internet connection to use the app.

The feedback from the users about the services of the app has been phenomenal, and the number of users is drastically increasing since it’s officially launched. The creators of this social network have blended innovation and technology in a unique way. Travel can be depressing at times for most people and the best way to pass the time during a journey is by chatting with co-passengers in this technologically advanced way.

Media Contact
Company Name: VLogic Labs
Contact Person: Agnivesh Tiwari, CEO
Email: admin@vlogiclabs.com
Phone: +91 8968418077
Country: India
Website: www.vlogiclabs.com