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One of the most important tenets of the Islamic religion is to know and understand the Holy Quran. Attending physical classes that take so much time, energy and resources just can’t work for many people. Holy Quran Classes is an international online Quran class for kids and adults. The platform offer courses like learn Quran online, Quran with Tajweed, memorize Quran online, learn Quran recitation and learn Quranic Arabic. They guarantee quality service by employing the most qualified, Arabic and Quranic teachers. Students enjoy one on one session, which they can schedule at their convenient time.

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“There are many Muslim families and individuals scattered all around the world, without access to quality Quranic and Arabic schools. We are democratizing the acquisition of Arabic knowledge by providing easy access to top quality experts teachers without the limitation of space, time and money. Our services are highly affordable and easily accessible, as long as there is internet connection anyone can learn anything they desire about the Quran,” said Ahmed Ali, CEO.

Holy Quran Classes offer the most comprehensive Quranic and Arabic lessons available anywhere on the internet. Customers can sign up for free trial classes, like the learn Quran online course designed for beginners and children who are just starting up. The Quran with Tajweed is for students who want to learn about Islam and understand its principles, while the Quran memorization classes offer a unique opportunity to learn and memorize the Quran. Students can also learn Quranic recitation or Qirat with the help of excellent Arabic teachers, who teach with the right pronunciation and dialect.

“My kids’ teacher is very qualified and friendly, with a unique capability to handling children. We love and appreciate his teaching methods because his approach helped the children become better in many other things,” said Fatima A, a customer.

Holy Quran Classes makes it easy and enjoyable to learn Arabic and Quranic lessons. No obligation, just sign up for the free trial and the experience will surely be convincing. All a student needs is a laptop, PC, or mobile device connected to the internet. Holy Quran Classes also offer expert female Quran teachers, family discounts of up to 10%, time-saving and convenient classes, and makeup classes.

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Holy Quran Classes is an international online platform that offers Quranic and Arabic teaching with the aid of expert teachers. They provide the best one-one-one Quranic classes for kids and adults, using qualified male and female Arabic teachers with the latest communication software.

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