Newly Launched Hoof Care Academy Announces Online Certification Course for Cow Hoof Trimming

Greenville, WI – Expert hoot trimmer Aaron LaVoy has announced the launch of Hoof Care Academy, which is offering professional online training for cow hoof trimming. The Hoof Trimming Certification Program is the most complete online hoof trimming course available in the US today, and can be taken on a variety of devices by anyone desirous of becoming an earning professional in this field.

Classroom cow hoof trimmer courses are often neglected by students due to paucity of time. The Hoof Care Academy has thus launched the completely online course, and comes with a mobile app that can be used to track cow hoofs and generate trimmer care records and invoices. As a self-paced course, the Certification Program can be accessed on tablets, laptops, as well as iPhones and Android devices. The course modules carry complete narrator instructions inside streaming videos, along with a free, one year access membership and access to resources at the Hoof Trimming Association.

The Hoof Care Academy is the most up-to-date, user-friendly online hoof trimming training in the industry. Its courses are designed with the aim of offering top-notch training and creating graduates who offer excellent services to the industry and also contribute to the health of cows around the world. The training is affordable, in-depth, and comes with multiple choice questionnaires and a final exam. The exam questions are interactive, with photos and videos, making the course an interactive experience.

Aaron LaVoy is a recognized expert in the Wisconsin area, and is engaged with hoof trimming since the early 2000’s. With extensive experience in training hoof trimmers and dairy professionals from around the world, his vision is to provide world-class hoof care training, help cow, and groom hoof trimmers as earning professionals. The Academy also provides full instructor support during and after the course.

“We are very proud of our new online hoof care course,” says Hoof Care Academy President, Aaron LaVoy. “When I got into hoof trimming, I was told that I should do everything I can to leave this industry better off than I found it. Our new online course allows me to do that by helping new trimmers, farmers, and cows all over the globe 24/7.”

Hoof Care Academy is here to show that training in hoof trimming can be done online.  With new technology, experienced staff and support, hoof trimming can be learned equally well and in some aspects, even better than classroom courses as virtual lessons can be viewed as many times as needed. The Academy’s course can be checked on its website via a course demo video.

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