New Micronizer and Emulsifyer Nozzle for Sprayer units from Microter Will Revolutionize Agriculture Around the World

For more than five decades of inventor agricultural experience, which allowed him to develop the G round Micronization technology (Microter) and his equipments, has been synonymous with outstanding agricultural sprayer units that has multiplied productivity and profits. In its latest engineering triumph, Microter has developed a new micronizer and emulsifyer nozzle for sprayer units that reduces labor, improves comprehensive application of pesticides and dramatically shrinks the amount of chemicals, water and fuels used. The technological breakthrough that makes this possible is the innovative ULV Ground micronization nozzle (patented) which produces droplets from 4 to 32 micrometers in size. At this size, the chemical is applied at peak efficiency across a broad area.

Microter is an American company which has worked with agricultural companies throughout Latin America for decades. During that time, Microter has become a trusted partner not only to large agricultural businesses but also to the farm hands who labor on them. In order to protect their jobs and help reduce the impact on the local wildlife, Microter has developed its proprietary technology to help remove highly destructive infestations like Coffee Rust (Roya, Hemileia Vastatrix, Berk et Br) while limiting runoff which may harm the environment.  This new sprayer will help ensure the profitability of these large employers, producing a thriving economy in farming communities around the globe.

Microter has tested its new emulsifying sprayer in rigorous laboratory testing as well as in the field with consistently outstanding results. The company is confident that this simple yet powerful equipment can dramatically improve the efficiency of many coffee producers, but it is currently seeking financial assistance from the public to make its technology available to little farming businesses. To create sources of work for hundreds of thousands of agricultural workers, young men migrates and his families that they do not have to eat, to fumigate every square centimeter of the affected agriculture and cultivate the land to achieve most healthy and abundant crops, which take food to the poor people needed from the planet. Microter has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $100,000 which will go towards improving agricultural communities in Central and South America. To learn more about Microter or to make a financial contribution, please visit:

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