Shanghai Metal Corporation Introduces Special Finish Stainless Steel Elevator Panel for Decorative Applications in Building Industry

These are anti-finger decorative stainless steel sheets offered by Shanghai Metal Corporation that have many building applications, such as in elevator doors, escalators, architectural accents, ornamental decorations etc.

Not only in the building industry, but also in home fixture and industrial fixture applications, decorative stainless steel sheets have their wide applications. Shanghai Metal Corporation is offering stainless steel sheets that can be used in elevators, solar collectors, kitchen stoves and other practical applications. Made of high grade steel, these sheets meet JIS, AISI, ASTM, DIN and EN standards.

They supply the stainless steel elevator panel to be used in building elevators and escalators. These panels are available in different thicknesses, ranging from 0.15mm to 7mm. The cold rolled thickness range is 0.4mm-10mm, while the hot rolled thickness range is 3mm-60mm. However, the spokesperson of the company reveals that custom length and thickness are also possible that can meet the requirements of the client. The panels can be delivered by both hot rolled and cold rolled processes and can have different No.1, no.4, no.8 etc surfaces.

Shanghai Metal Corporation Introduces Special Finish Stainless Steel Elevator Panel for Decorative Applications in Building Industry

According to the spokesperson, they also supply the stainless steel solar collector plate that is used in the solar based power generation systems. These are decorative sheets with different types of finishes, such as vibration finish, titanium gold finish, embossed finish, etched finish, beads blast finish and others. Available in different sizes, these solar collector plates are highly efficient in radiating energy from the incoming sun rays. These plates are available in different dimensions and one can choose the size as per their project requirement.

The steel sheets that the company supplies can also be used in the stainless steel kitchen stove. Besides, it has various applications in the kitchen, including kitchen appliances, refrigerators, kitchen cabinets and kitchen doors. With an anti-scratch finish, these sheets help maintain the looks and beauty of a kitchen space. The spokesperson maintains that these stainless steel sheets are developed as per the international standards and they pack and ship them following all regulations and also as per the customer’s demand.

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