COLLEGE STATION, TX – 14 Mar, 2017 – The 2017 Illumination Book Awards honored Gathering Courage: A Life-Changing Journey Through Adoption, Adversity, and a Reading Disability, with the Silver, Enduring Light Medals Award, for Christian Thought.

The spotlight is shining on this exemplary Christian book, Gathering Courage, with an enduring message because it is a testament to the endurance of the human spirit to survive setbacks and fulfill their own dreams despite all odds.   It answers the question,  “How do some people find success despite hardships?”

The author, TA “Terry” McMullin, was abandoned at birth, rejected by her adoptive parents, and then placed in a foster home because she was failing the 5th grade.  Terry’s struggles with rejection, failure, and a reading disability are up-lifted by her faith, hard work, and compassion.  

The author’s memoir is simply breathtaking and honest as she opens her arms and draws the reader into her heart-felt journey so they too, can learn to survive setbacks and painful experiences while striving to live a life of victoryThe author’s faith and tenacity along with the internal desire to overcome a reading disability is thought provoking as Terry taught herself how to read and study while working her way through the largest college in Texas. 

Terry’s life transformed from a broken-hearted child who could barely make out words in elementary school to a distinguished educator and writer who encourages others to achieve their greatest aspirations. Readers will become inspired to follow in Terry’s footsteps and “gather the courage” to overcome their own personal struggles.  Gathering Courage answers the question,  “HOW DO SOME PEOPLE FIND SUCCESS DESPITE HARDSHIPS?”

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