VideoPal – Revolutionary Software Help Users Create Completely Interactive 2D, 3D, and Videos in Just a Few Seconds

The VideoPal cutting-edge technology offers animated 3D, 2D, and Human talking Videos to any websites to helps users increase subscribers, traffic and keep them engaged to stay for longer time.

VideoPal software instantly converts user’s blogs, websites and affiliate pages into automatic sales machines in just a few seconds. It also helps users increase their leads, conversions, and sales.  This cloud-based and user-friendly app runs on any browser and platform, including all mobile devices, it is 100 percent compatible with smart devices and cell phone.

Video Pal software offers the best life like “Text-to-Speech” engine features forty-seven female and male voices in twenty-four different languages, which make it easily and convenient to convert sales globally.  The VideoPal Software allows users to include option-forms, call-to-action buttons, coupon codes, countdown timers, and text on the top of the videos, which can help them improve conversions in the future and drive more leads and sales.

Video Pal’s features includeExpert Human Avatars, 3D animated Symbols, and 2D animated Symbols. High-tech text-to-speech technology, which provides simple script and voice management, a powerful range of conversion tools to include to your VideoPal Avatarsand Exciting cloud hosting for user’s Avatars using Google’s high-speed cloud-based network.

Users can also upload background or green screen videos and convert to completely mobile-friendly Video Pal in just a few seconds.  The VideoPal Software is cloud-based, so users don’t need to install anything. It is very easy to use, and it allows users to to improve their sales as well as commissions instantly.

The software allows users to choose 3D or 2D and human characters and includes them to their websites, e-commerce sites, affiliate offers, and to the websites that they don’t own them in seconds without any technical skills.  With Video Pal, users can interact with their audience using a convention video avatar which can be set up in just a few seconds and helps users control their position and compress competition.

With VideoPal soft, users can get more traffic and make their customers stay longer on their website. It helps thek communicate any message to all visitors, despite how they are visiting their site, including mobile or desktop. It enables users to offer bonuses, coupons and other incentives to attract visitors on their record and to make a purchase. VideoPal lets users communicate with their visitors and attain attention as well as get new subscribers integrated to their list automatically and impeccably or by pasting some secure code.

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