Re-engager Plugin Helps Marketers Bring Back Visitors To Their Site And Attract A Highly-Engaging Call To Action

A simple but unique product, Reengager, helps the users by making their website stand out amongst browser tabs. Being an excellent and user-friendly software plugin, this tool is completely customizable and only requires few clicks to get the work started.

At the launch event of this product, a higher authority of the company shared his objective of creating Re Engager plugin. Their idea of creating a software like this was to make the life of marketers easier. Being in this field for many years, they were aware of the issues like accidental all tab closure or getting lost in the cluster of tabs. These things lead to missed opportunities, lost engagement, and definitely wasted traffic. In order to overcome such problems, they had launched this software plugin.

According to this company, Re Engager can create unlimited campaigns, add automatic responder into customized popups, and attract visitors’ attention with a personalized message. In addition to it, they are also stating this plugin to have a simple shortcode with hide and show element. Similar to the notification alert procedure of many social networking sites, this software ensures a notification message to be highlighted in the browser tab, bringing the visitors back to the user’s site.

Within the few days after the launch of this product, it is said to have other amazing offerings too. As per the information by this company, Reengager is completely integrated with facilities like full website popup other than image or video popup, giving users multiplied traffic in a minute. It also has provision of Google map which is an easy business enhancer for local businesses.

One of the satisfied marketers, Jules Plec, stated that this software gave him what he really desired for: increased traffic to his website. He came to know about this plugin from one of his friends. Later to be sure, he took the help of Reengager plugin review to know more about this product. Since then, this plugin helped him in converting people into sales without any hassle.

Apart from the main software, this company is also giving away exclusive bonuses like Facebook pixel insert, Support chat, Click bar gold edition (upsell on free version), and Jack Jacker gold plugin.

About the Company

Reengager is one of the renowned software creating companies who had been in this market for quite many years. They had been helping numerous marketers to convert and increase the sales count and improve opt-ins in their businesses. They also provide step by step and elucidated video training to buyers. Currently, they had released their latest software in the market with the same name.

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