UpTrack: A Software That Helps Marketers Convert Any Ad Campaign To An Instant Hit

In order to save numerous marketers from losing their money, new software named UpTrack had recently been launched to help user effeciently convert a non-successful ad campaign into a successful one with only few clicks.

Being an exceptionally amazing software, UpTrack plugin is extremely helpful to users. The company stated that this plugin relays the precise reason why ad campaigns face failure. Apart from it, they also highlighted it to be an eligible tool which makes necessary changes and improves the ROI cash cows of users’ websites. The result is a massively winning campaign and high-profit production.

In a recent press meet, a senior most spokesperson of the company pointed the facts of constant failure of marketers who use both free and paid traffic tools to enhance their sale. Inspite of using expensive advertising funnels, many marketers found a negligible increase in profit. The spokesperson also shared their experience of being in a similar gray area in the past which made their company take this decision of launching Up Track.

The company also stated the beneficial aspects of this software and how users can track everything with its help. This plugin is assured to track the sales funnel of the user’s website without any limitation. Apart from it, this software gives users free limit to website count and freedom to add unlimited offers in their sales funnel. This tool is extremely easy to use. With only 2 clicks, a user can set up their tracking campaign in no time. This plugin is also specified to be fully cloaked, thereby giving maximum deliverability.

An inside source also relayed the fact about Up Track plugin to track every campaign aspects like cost, conversion, profits, traffic source. In addition to it, the person stated of this product to work on links like Facebook ads, WordPress, af´Čüliate networks, Track Adwords, e-mails, mobile ads, Twitter and much more. This tool is said to be having a user-friendly interface with intuitive point and click function. It uses advanced A/B testing and effective conversion analytics for an improved result.

One of the digital marketers, James Stantson, had seen a remarkable improvement in his business after taking the help of Up Track. He stated that this software gave him the complete access to full sales funnels tracking as well as single offers. In addition to it, he found this tool to be excellent link cloaking software with access to complete cloud hosted tracking. The best thing what he found with this software is its reliable system with funnel visual and clean interface, which is better than other money hungry internal tracking plugins.

Apart from these aspects which are experienced by the users, this tool has features which are more powerful than Google’s weak analytics feature. The company has some major offerings to potential buyers in the form of bonus upgrades. The line of bonuses includes Full Tracking Report Export Upgrade, Cost Tracking Upgrade, and Advanced A/B Testing Upgrade. Currently, the company is giving away Up-Track plugin at a special one-time payment offer of $33.99 with a complete 30 days money back guarantee.

About the company

This company has been in the software designing market for many years, giving away effective solutions to marketers to increase their profit. This company has been helping a large number of marketers to understand the correct reason for their campaign failure. Recently they have introduced their latest software, UpTrack in the market.

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