Math Tuition Service Prepares Students for an Array of Challenges

Singapore – The future of computing, education, and all real forms of progress now share roots within the subject of mathematics. Since everything now hangs on the pendulum of technology, the numbers and formulas have never been more important to understand. Such a world can be a terrifying concept for many who struggle with math, but a new breed of math tuition tutoring is giving students new hope.

The problem that most mathematics tuition courses have is that they are unable to instill comprehensive understandings of some of the most basic concepts. Teaching students advanced skills can prepare them to possibly pass a test they have coming in the next week or so, but they must have a strong knowledge of the most fundamental skills to achieve long-term success. Many tutors are not prepared to teach these skills and then inadvertently leave their students doomed to fail, come their first real challenge. Many students are finding that knowledge of advanced mathematics is not enough to prepare someone for the challenges of tutoring; it takes more.

The maths tuition service that’s been gaining attention since its formation is Tim Gan Math. Tim Gan developed this program after years of tutoring everything from advanced STEM students to basic O level math students. His learning philosophy is simple, to keep explanations simple and include everyday vocabulary so as to best share retainable knowledge that will help his students to succeed. He’s worked in IB mathematics, co-founded MindPrep Learning Center and is currently working alongside a textbook publisher to further disseminate his educational techniques.

Gan claims it doesn’t matter even if someone has many years of experience with math, is particularly passionate about it, or if they’ve never studied a technique before in their life; anyone is capable of learning the math that they need. All he requires of his students is a spirit of determination, lots of practice, and with his proper guidance – successful learning is sure to follow these traits.

“Mr. Gan is very patient in his teaching and is always willing to help us outside of class time,” explained Bevin JiaXin. “With his constant encouragement and help, I managed to achieve an A for my A levels last year.”

So far, Tim Gan’s math tuition courses seem to have helped a variety of students from many different educational backgrounds succeed in the math classes they’ve taken on. To learn more about the learning environment, resources and materials used, as well as teaching methods employed at Tim Gan math, simply check out their website at Tim Gan Math.

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