Murrieta Gets Its First Cryotherapy Center With Kori Kryotherapy

Murrieta now has its own cryotherapy center with Kōri Kryotherapy that promises overall well-being, more effective pain relief, a stress-free mind and faster recovery.

Murrieta, CA – March 14, 2017 – Talk about the latest alternative natural treatments today and you have cryotherapy taking up most of the limelight. However, travelling to LA or SD every time for treatment is really daunting. But not anymore!  Much to the delight of local folks, Murrieta now has its first ever cryotherapy center all thanks to the recent launch of Kōri Kryotherapy.

“It’s one of the best holistic natural treatments for inflammation will take care of your overall wellbeing with élan”, stated Patrice James, the lady behind Kōri Kryotherapy.

Cryotherapy assures a whole lot of health benefits, including pain relief, endorphin release, reduced inflammation, and stabilizing sleep patterns. It even ensures accelerated recovery and a peaceful stress-free mind.

The cryo chamber is precooled and in three minutes it reaches temperatures below -240 degrees the skin receptors will send messages to his brain that it is freezing. The body would take a prompt reaction then by sending all its blood to guard the vital organs. Eventually, in between the process, the blood will get detoxified and oxygenated and the body will send a map of the CNS to brain. As the person steps out of the chamber & start adapting to normal temperature, the blood will rush back. The blood that has been detoxed is also enriched with red blood cells, oxygen and nutrients so when it goes back out, it will help attack the inflammation and attack that pain the body will start healing the problem areas.

The inspiration behind Kōri Kyotherapy arose from the founder’s own interest and positive experience from cryotherapy. James’ knee surgery didn’t go really well with her body, subjecting her to immense pain. After her pain medicines failed to bring anything positive for years, she finally started seeking holistic natural treatments and that’s how she came across cryotherapy.

“My first cryotherapy treatment worked wonders for me. Finally, I got the relief that my usual pain medications could not provide me for years.”

Kōri Kyotherapy offers both whole body and local cryotherapy treatments. Clients will receive healing spa sessions and each 3 minute sessions would imply innovative dry cold therapy that will trigger the natural healing mechanism of the body.

“After you come out of our chamber, you will continue experiencing wonderful rejuvenating effects and benefit from extended courses of improved ability as well as better ease in attaining the physical results.”

The cryotherapy center is open every day, including Sunday. Walk-ins welcomed, or to book your cryotherapy appointment with Kōri Kryotherapy, visit

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Company Name: Kori Kryotherapy
Contact Person: Patrice James
Phone: 951.461.0734
Address:39400 Murrieta Hot Springs Suite 117
City: Murrieta
State: California
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