To List the Features of the Second mini Electric Aided-Bike in Airwheel – R3

Airwheel R3 smart e bike stands out from other products in the market because of its design and technology. Just look at its function, it is enough to make other vehicles overshadowed.

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Though people have different interpretation towards the same product, they pursue one thing in common: riding feelings. Airwheel R3 foldable electric bike will present an incomparable riding feeling. R3 stands out from other products in the market because of its design and technology. Just look at its function, it is enough to make people to be stunning.

Airwheel R3 foldable electric bike

Airwheel R3 is adopted golden division ratio design with better controllability and stability. Firstly, the light aluminium alloy frame can bear 100kg load and the exclusively designed tires of 14 inch with concave and convex texture design improve grip performance to better ensure safety. Then, the great portability of Airwheel R3 electric folding bike is also noticeable. The design of packing away enables the rider to scale down the volume of R3 to 650mm*470mm*840mm.

electric assist bicycle

Also, the chosen branded lithium-ion battery cells in R3 have stable performance and long service life. Meanwhile, the battery of Airwheel R3 electric assist bicycle is designed to be swappable. It is placed in external that can be inserted and extracted. If there is a demand for range, just buy back up batteries, which can easily be achieved. Moreover, the intelligent devices like iPad, iPhone or cameras can be charged after connecting to the USB interface. Considering the light-insufficient environment, Airwheel R3is equipped with 3M reflect light for easy understanding of the conditions, which can effectively remind the pedestrians or drivers of him to avoid cramming from behind and the headlights can illuminate before the rider so that he can see clearly the pedestrians before him.

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The shiny point of R3 citizen electric assist bike is the three ride modes that can be altered freely. In electricity-assisted mode, it just like other e bikes can be ridden without pedalling; in power assistance mode, R3 will provide different levels of power assistance based on the choice of different gears; in man-powered mode, it requires the manual labour to cycle so as to build up body. After having a better understanding of this innovative and consumer-centred Airwheel R3electric moped bike, why not have a try?

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