Ivy Leagues Are Opening Doors To Students Who Did Not Attend High School

Getting admitted into U.S.’s top colleges like Harvard, Princeton, MIT, and Stanford are getting harder and harder every year, with the acceptance rate getting lower and lower. However, colleges are hungrier than ever for new talents, and they are very flexible about applicant’s schooling background.

Home-schooled students are usually at a disadvantage in selective admission programs. This is mostly because these schools have little information that permits them to compare home-schooled students with other students.

Most schools are always looking for a basis for comparing them with a national standard. Because of this, factors like college courses, standardized testing and the quality of their essays are very helpful factors for helping home-schooled students gain admission into Ivy League schools.

Ivy league schools not only want students with academic promise but those who will contribute to the community as well. As a result, home-schooled students are looked upon to be active participants in their community. Home-schooled students have more flexibility in their daily class schedule and are motivated to pursue their interests and talent.

This trend is especially popular in Massachusetts among the upper middle-class families, where more and more are opting out of the public school system. Claire Dickson from Boston was accepted into Harvard University as a homeschooled student.

“The perceptions about homeschooled students are changing. Traditionally they were being viewed as ‘left behind’, ‘not social’, but more and more bright students are choosing homeschool to develop curriculums that interest them, and fits their learning style. They actually have edges over students who attend traditional high school, because they have more time to prepare for SAT/ACT, AP, and extracurricular activities that colleges value,” says Dr. Cohen, the director of the prestigious New-York City college consulting firm Vision Wise Consulting.

In the past, homeschooled students successfully got into American University, Amherst, Berklee College of Music, Boston University, Bowdoin, Brown University, CalTech, Carleton, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Dartmouth, Davidson, Dickinson, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Harvard, Harvey Mudd, Johns Hopkins, MIT, NYU, Northwestern University, Oberlin, Pomona, Princeton, Rice University, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San Diego, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Pennsylvania, Washington University, Wellesley, Wesleyan, Williams, Yale, and more. 

“At Vision Wise, we have an impressive track record, client-oriented service approach, and professional expertise. We offer special, tailored, college consulting services to homeschooled students.”

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