Watch a starry night on ceiling or favorite movie shows with Star Sailor-Live Sky

Star Sailor Live sky is the newly launched innovative device on the Indiegogo that can project a starry night from the great white north as well as movies, music videos, social media feeds, games and much more. This multifunctional device combines several features, offered by multiple devices in one, such as a ceiling or wall projection, monitoring sleep patterns and environment, alarm clock, a bedtime story for children and more. The compact device can project the beautiful Aurora Borealis onto the ceiling and instantly convert into an African night sky.

Star Sailor can be kept anywhere due to its portability and compact size. It can be placed on a flat surface or hung on the wall to project onto the ceiling. It provides an easy way to lay back and enjoy scenic views anytime and anywhere. The device can also play soft and melodious pre-recorded sounds such as desert, ocean or rain for a calming and soothing effect in the bedroom. It can also be put on soft, white noise setting while sleeping.

Star Sailor acts as a personalized alarm in which the volume increases gradually until the user wakes up. Interestingly, the user just has to hover their hands over the device to shut the alarm off, unlike pressing buttons. Additionally, the device also monitors the user’s sleep and helps them in improving sleep quality. The settings and data analysis of the device can inform the user about their room temperature, humidity level, air quality, dust particles and other factors which affect sleep. Moreover, it can also determine if snoring, sleep talking or other factors are disturbing the user’s sleep. The “Sleep Timer” option can be used to make the room go dark for a deep sleep. The lights on the device can be left on, to act as a soft night light while sleeping.

Star Sailor is a next generation home entertainment system that can not only turn the bedroom ceiling into a beautiful starry night but also display bedtime story with sounds for kids, music videos and much more. It can be synched with home theater system for an unmatched experience of watching a movie/tv show with bass sounds and clear display. The device comes with a number of pre-loaded projections including the milky way galaxy, constellations, and rainy sky among others. The user can connect the device to their smartphones to project live TV, sports, and games.

Star Sailor is currently available for pre-order on crowd funding platform Indiegogo where it can be purchased at an early bird price of $199.

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