World’s first unmanned ship set to cross the Atlantic Ocean

SPAIN – 15 Mar, 2017 – A group of scientists led by Alfredo Lopez Gonzalez and Pablo Lopez Villa are set to raise 4,400 Euros to sail an unmanned ship across the Atlantic. This unique invention launches on the crowd-funding site Kickstarter. It is the first GPS piloted ship that is set to travel across the path that the great explorer, Christopher Colombus did so many years ago. This launch which has attracted the interest of the Guinness Book of Records is set to herald a new beginning in many ways. It will help in understanding the water eco-system and other subjects that will aid man to live a better life. 

This is the future of understanding the Atlantic, the world of travel and other environmental issues. It takes each person who engages with the unique plan to a whole new level. The concept of creating a single real-time unmanned ship to cross the Atlantic has undergone rigorous tests, and it shows a high propensity for success. It holds the ace in technology and creating a brand-new world for everyone who is part of this drive.

This ship design is a sublime conglomeration for applications and operating systems, but there is more. It is a unifying system that pulls the Nautical and IT industry into one dynamic frame. Rapid prototyping will continue to be an important part of the user experience in this virtual world.

This drive is one of the biggest platforms for self-realization as it allows each participant observe and do everything that you normally will love to experience at Sea. It is a new, powerful and easily accessible tool that is tailored to open everyone to a world of endless possibilities. Everyone can take advantage of this channel to enjoy a new lease that gives amazing experiences.

Visit to support this initiative, get an original World Record certificate of participation, follow real time GPS maps and data of the adventure, meet the creators and learn many interesting details about the way this tool is set to revolutionize the world.

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Company Name: Project Colombo
Contact Person: Alfredo Lopez Gonzalez
Country: Spain