Panasonic Battery Maintain Leading Position In Market Sharing

Lithium-ion battery is more competitive than lead-acid battery in environmental protection. Panasonic battery, used in both Tesla and ONEBOT electric bike, is the top quality one among the lithium-ion batteries.

Panasonic was still the largest electric car battery maker in 2015, while BYD and LG Chemical continued to grow.

Panasonic’s consumption of lithium-ion battery sales in 2015 reached 4552 MWh (1 MW is equal to 1000 kW), while Panasonic’s sales in 2012 reached 2726 MWh, thus, Panasonic’s power lithium battery market share remained at around 38%.

The reason Panasonic dominates the market is mainly because it has signed a cooperation agreement with Tesla, whose Model S and Model X battery capacity requirements are very large.

The market share of BYD ranked in the second. In 2015 BYD sold 1652 MWh, accounting for 14% of the power lithium battery market share, while in 2014 the market share of BYD was only 7%.

But the sales volume of BYD battery used in the electric bus are not included in the statistics. If this part of sales is contained, BYD can no doubt compete with Panasonic in the market.

LG Chemical ranked in the third in market share, which sold 1432 MWh in 2015 and 886 MWh in 2014. In 2015, the market share of LG Chemical remained at 13%. LG Chemical is the battery provider of Chevrolet Volt (plug-in hybrid).In the meantime, it would provide power battery for Chevrolet Bolt, the pure electric vehicle that would be in mass production. There is no doubt that the latter will have more demand for the battery pack than the former.

Chinese battery manufacturers’ market share will rise year by year in the future with encouragement of government policy. In addition, with the mass production of Tesla Model 3, super battery factory that Tesla and Panasonic joint venture will supply the battery for this model. So their performance in the market is also worthy of attention.

Except for Tesla, Panasonic battery is also equipped in ONEBOT bike, a folding electric bike with dual Panasonic batteries. It is foldable, portable and durable. It can stand wear and tear with aero aluminum alloy frame. Its battery cell is 18650PF, which is eco-friendly and recycling. 

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