NEW YORK, NY – 15 Mar, 2017 – Le Conte is announcing the launch of their new product, innovative candles that bring designer scents with an added visual experience. The candles take everything you love about a designer candle and adds a beautiful visual feature to your home.

The candles are 100% hand-poured in small batches, use all-natural soy wax and use 100% zinc-free cotton wicks. For fragrance enthusiasts, the candle is unique. While most candle companies use only 5% fragrance oil in their mix, Le Conte candles’ mixture contains 10% perfume-grade fragrance oil. This provides a richer and deeper scent that can be smelt even when you just open the box.

Exclusive access is now available to Kickstarter backers at http://leconte.co. Le Conte candles is expected to retail at 35 dollars, but early backers can receive the candle for as little as 25 dollars.

“Candles for too long have suffered from lack of imagination,” says Peter Yoo, Le Conte’s co-founder. “Le Conte is the first Visual candle that indulges your sense of sight. Each artwork was created to remind you that your home deserves to be a safe haven. A space for your senses to rejuvenate and recharge. We aim to make candles that help us rest and bring calm to our homes.”

Le Conte backers can expect a variety of rewards on a first-come-first-serve basis. Backers who pledge early can receive a candle for a pledge of 25 dollars (10 dollar discount from the anticipated retail price). Backers can rest assured that their candles will arrive on time, because the vessels are in California waiting to be filled and shipped out. After the campaign is fully funded, the candles will be filled and shipped immediately.

For more information, media requests, or product inquiries, please contact Peter at: peter@lecontecandles.com

Please find more information at www.leconte.co or follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

About Le Conte

Le Conte is an all-natural scented candle company that reinvents the way we light candles. Our mission is to bring innovative ways to bring inspiration to our homes everyday.

For more information, visit: www.leconte.co

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Company Name: Le Conte
Contact Person: Peter Yoo
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