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KITCHENER, ON, CANADA – 15 Mar, 2017 – The first mass email sent out was in the year 1978, which resulted in a profit of $13 million. Email marketing since then evolved rapidly and its evolution continues to this day mainly since businesses find a good marketing tool in it. However, ensuring maximum effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is very difficult. Aside from numerous benefits of an effective reach out, web marketers find a big challenge in identification of contact emails.  You do not know which portion of market is being reached and whether it will convert or not. In US alone, out of 100 emails delivered, 6 percent get filtered out as spam while 22 percent go missing, and then come laws on spam and email privacy.

Even a few emails bouncing back can mean a lowered Sender Score, which is a measure of your server’s delivery reputation between 0 to 100. The higher your Sender Score, the better your reputation among mailbox providers. A higher score translates into more emails reaching your recipients’ inbox folders as opposed to their junk folders. If your Sender Score is too low, mailbox providers will not even allow them to enter the junk folder. Instead, they will block your emails from reaching the recipients’ email accounts altogether. is a one stop solution to maintaining and improving your server’s Sender Score by letting you know if an email address exists before you send them an email. It identifies real, invalid, fake, spam trap and honeypot email addresses. Log in and purchase a package, upload your email list and Email Checker will scan each email address 17+ different ways to determine which ones are safe to send emails to and which ones you should avoid.

On the other hand, the highly advanced, yet simple to use Email Checker API or Email Checker WordPress plugin allows webmasters to perform real-time validation directly in their app or on their website. Not only can it detect invalid email addresses being entered into registration, contact or opt-in forms, but it is also helpful in letting clients know if they accidentally misspelled their email address. This gives clients the ability to review their entry and make a correction, which increases the number of valid email addresses your business receives.

This API seamlessly integrates with services like MailJet, MailChimp, Mailgun, Mandrill, Postmark and SendGrid – thus strengthens the grip on marketing fronts.

Email Checker’s service validates email addresses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and guarantees a 97%+ successful delivery rate for businesses that use their service. Keeping the successful delivery rate above 97% ensures Sender Scores are increased and kept high.

Visit Email Checker today to experience their simple web-based email verification platform. A variety of pricing options are available to ensure there’s a plan that’s suitable for every small, medium or large business!

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