For Women’s Health Inc. Has Launched Their Natural Sugar Substitute Syrup on Amazon

For Women’s Health Inc. has launched their natural sugar substitute syrup on Amazon. Their syrup is 100% natural and contains only pure yacon syrup.

It was created for the people who want to reduce their sugar intake, without having to stop eating desserts or sweets.

Their yacon syrup can be added to coffee or tea, soups, desserts or cakes, making them delicious, but at the same time safe for diabetics or people with blood sugar problems.

During the month of March, their yacon syrup can be bought with 50% off on Amazon. People who are interested, can learn more on this page:

Their yacon syrup is manufactured in an FDA approved facility and each bottle contains 8 OZ of yacon syrup, the equivalent of 46 servings.

Each serving is a table spoon of yacon syrup, and even though it is sweeter than sugar and tastes much better, each serving contains only 3 grams of carbohydrates, which is 4 times less than a regular table spoon of sugar.

Many clinical tests have proved that taking up to 3 table spoons of yacon syrup per day does not increase blood sugar.

Yacon syrup has many health benefits and the people who have been consuming it daily have noticed that they have less cravings for sweets and carbs.

Yacon syrup contains molecules which feed the friendly bacteria in the digestive system.

The friendly bacteria in the gut are very important for the body’s health and they are associated with a lower risk of diabetes, better immunity and improved brain function.

When the molecules from yacon syrup are digested, the body starts producing short-chain fatty acids, which have powerful anti-obesity effects, because a few clinical studies have proved that they boost metabolism and can lower the hunger hormone named ghrelin.

Because yacon syrup contains fiber, it is also used in treating constipation.

People who are interested in increasing their health, can take advantage of the Yacon syrup’s health benefits and can save 50% of each of their order from Amazon.

To order, they can use this page:


For Women’s Health is an Amazon seller with hundreds of happy clients. Their products are all in the health and grocery niche and their mission is to help their clients live a healthier life.

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