Meet TYRONE Z. McCANTS. Connecting the World, One Photograph at a Time

Queens Park, AZ – Growing up in the Bronx, Tyrone quickly became versed in various world cultures at an early age. Rooted in music, living in one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country led Tyrone to attend festivals and events which captured the unique personality of his community. Art and dance are cross-culturally similar, in that they maintain and preserve the history and traditions of their cultures and countries. Drawn to this expositional aspect of the world around him, Tyrone quickly began to document and capture the universal language he understood on a deep level. Finding a uniting theme in the cultural dances he shoots, Tyrone tells the story of his experiences through photography.

His “The How We Are Connected Photo Exploration Projectis a cultural exploration through imagery. Throughout his time as a professional photographer within the performing arts field, Tyrone appreciates the anthropological weight traditional folk & ethnic dance carries. This series features performing artists from Phoenix, NYC, and Los Angeles… a list of cultural epicenters that grows as the series continues. In addition to the visual presentation, each image is accompanied by a short biography of the performing artist and historic synopsis of the dance’s country of origin.

The How We Are Connected Photo Exploration (@THEWACPEP) focuses on identity, theatrics, motion, and sound. In capturing the atmosphere of these cultural time capsules, Tyrone aims to share the personalty and individual story through the medium of photography. The traditional take photography has on dance is heavily oriented towards the figure, such as with ballet— what is unique about Tyrone’s work is his ability to capture and preserve the performances and cultural history of his subjects.

Promoting cultural awareness, education, and empowerment; How We Are Connected will be exhibited in interactive form at selective Phoenix and New York City locations. For Tyrone, sharing this knowledge through his art is what he finds most meaningful. 

Enter “The How We Are Connected Photo Exploration Project,” also known as #THWACPEP

Currently living and working in Phoenix as a photographer, McCants began #THWACPEP in 2014 while living in New York City. Since then, he has attended 25 cultural festivals, worked with 15 dance schools, and has photographed more than 50 participating artists connected to this project. He is producing #THWACPEP to highlight his philosophical world view: Human beings are more alike than different and this is evidenced in the similarities of our attire, our dance movements, and our performance instruments. McCants will travel to nine cultural festival events in 2017 and early next year around the U.S.

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