Creative Peptides Made Some Changes to its Cosmetic Peptides

Creative Peptides has long been providing cosmetic peptides for both research use and production needs. However, until recently, the company set their plan in improving this branch of peptides to meet the increasing needs both in scientific level and manufacture scale.

The number of the peptides in this category keeps the same as it will be their next step to increase the variety. The job they had done is expanding the description and application part for better reference both for scientific needs and for pure knowledge gain.

At present, the database contains peptides with the most mature applications in the field, including growth factors like epidermal growth factor and basic fibroblast growth factor, and other types for skin puffiness and moisture keeping like Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5.

For the not listed cosmetic peptides can be tailored met with their solid background and rich experience in peptide synthesis. Another distinct advantage of Creative Peptides lies in their synthesis of GMP grade peptides, thus GMP Grade cosmetic peptides for specific can be provided with easy access.  

The optimization is just a beginning of the company to generally improve their cosmetic peptide line, and then they will introduce more types, which is also true of other types of peptides including APIs and catalog peptides.

During the past two months of 2017, the company has added three research areas exclusively for the hot research domains-cancer, the Alzheimer’s, and diabetes. And they are unremitting to add more such areas to facilitate the related needs. Some of the peptides grouped under the areas are newly introduced and the trend will be continued to cover more peptides.

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Creative Peptides is one of the first choices for peptide needs in scientific studies and production, providing a wide range of peptides and related services. Their commitment is to support every step of a project with their experience and expertise acquired over the last decade. 

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