Greengro Technologies \’3-Tier Franchise Model\’ Used to Develop 4.5-Acre Site for Licensed Cannabis Grow in Adelanto, Calif.

“GreenGro Technologies”
Greengro Technologies aggressively positioned to capture a piece of the multi-billion dollar legalized cannabis growth industry.

Greengro Technologies, Inc. (OTC:GRNH), a world-class provider of eco-friendly green technologies, has announced that the company signed a 40-year lease to develop a 4.5-acre property as part of a Cannabis Ventures Inc. (a subsidiary of Gala Global Inc. (OTC:GLAG)), cultivation franchise in Adelanto, Calif., a San Bernardino County community with commercial regulations for large-scale cannabis growing and harvesting.

Greengro’s is basing the deal on its “3-Tier Franchise Model” designed for businesses in the field of controlled environment agriculture (CEA). The three tiers are: 1) Glass Vegetable Greenhouse Franchises, 2) Glass Cannabis Ventures Inc. Franchises / Cannabis Sector, and 3) Vertical Hydrogarden Stores.


• Negotiating deals on two real estate properties in: Santa Cruz, CA and Chino Valley, AZ. GreenGro will be able to lease turn-key solutions at each location.

• Finalizing acquisition of 51% ownership of C.E.A. company BioDynamics LLC. BioDynamics provides equipment for commercial growers and is currently valued at $2.5M.

• 2016 Q4: Raised 2.8 million for various opportunities for a turn key extract lab and a Humboldt property that has licensing already in place 1 of the first 11 issued by Humboldt county in escrow scheduled to close 1.31.17 This will bring GRNH revenues from leasing property to licensee Leasing of our all new Greenhouses.

Year-to-year Sales Review

2014 Sales Total – $476,298.00
2015 Sales Total – $569,625.00
2016 Q1 Sales – $556,515.25
2016 YTD – $1,049,005.73

• Currently adding distribution outlets to Vertical Hydrogarden’s all new Modular Gro rooms, Greenhouse Systems and Finance Arrangements.

• Signed an agreement with Canna One Advisors to become the Premier design, build, construction, equipment and and nutrient vendor. Canna One Advisors is in the business of private listings for dispensaries, collectives and cultivation sites.

• Signed exclusive agreement to provide Cannabis Ventures, Inc a complete design equipment and management services for all its Gro Facilities.

Vertical Hydrogarden, Inc. (GRNH Subsidiary)

• Tier 3 is the Franchising of Vertical HydroGarden, a premier retailer of year-round hydroponic supplies. Vertical HydroGarden, Inc. is considers itself the industry-leader in modular automated hydroponic grow-rooms, portable grow-containers, greenhouses, hydroponic and aquaponics supplies and cultivation consulting services.

BP Gardens (GRNH Subsidiary)

• 7.5 million BPGardens Franchise agreement in progress finished business plan for client with 2 possible locations ready for customer Foodraiser to start raising monies to fund project.

• The Glass Greenhouse offering includes a turnkey two-acre facility designed to produce up to nine million heads of lettuce per year. With an estimated per-head value of $.75, potential revenues from the production of lettuce alone could be significant. This franchise is offered with a purchase order to acquire the entirety of the produce that facility harvests.

Cannabis Ventures Inc (GRNH Subsidiary)

• The secondary tier is the set-up of the company’s signature Glass Greenhouses for the cultivation of Medical Marijuana. According to a recent article on, Legal adult recreational marijuana sales topped $998 million in 2015 compared to $351 million in 2014 — growing 184 percent year-over-year. If the operation can generate nine million heads of lettuce, the production of a comparable amount of cannabis is expected to be a game changer, not only for the grower but for the thriving local retail market. With loosening legislation, production demands are increasing and like Tier 1 it includes a 2- acre turn key facility designed to produce Medical Marijuana.

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