Breaking All Trends, Demeter Mojis Take Abstract, Minimalist Art into Pop Culture

Melbourne, Australia – Emojis may well be on their way to conquer the world. They can be seen on merchandise, walking the cat walks, and forming tattoos on sports stars. Leaping out of social media chats, they are now changing the world of mainstream art in the form of Demeter emojis.

Demeter is one of the world’s most renowned artist based in Australia, who is leading the charge of making pop art more minimal, emoji filled and fun. Her breaking loose the chains of what passes on as art has caught attention of artists worldwide, and she has been hailed as the “contemporary Picasso” and “Cy Twombly”, the two masters whose strokes can be found in her work.

Demeter draws with the freedom of a child, beginning from smears and turning little scribbles into emotional expressions of emojis. The style is unique, trend setting and recognizable from a distance. Her inspiration derives from artists such as Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock and others, and takes mainstream painting with its investment potential, into the world of emojis that can be printed on merchandise or used online.

The brand name, Demeter Mojis, stands for emojis sketched in the language of paintings, carrying the thrill of the moment, capturing hitherto indescribable moods, and expressing the new personalities, dreams and expectations of the new generation. They represent the modern way to communicate, to express, opine and rebel.

Demeter Mojis are real works of art that collectors worldwide would love to possess as good investment. Made with minimalist strokes, they span concrete to abstract themes, made with excellent artistic and design skills, just like the works of Pablo Picasso and Cy Twombly. Demeter is also the author of the book, “500 Artistic Demeter Mojis – When emojis meet the art master”.

Buyers from around the world are adopting Demeter Mojis, as tattoos, to decorate homes and offices, on merchandise, and as gifts for family and friends. Every Demeter emoji is unique, and carries the imprint of an artistic master, whose style and imagination will go a long distance in changing the way art interacts with everyday lives.

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