The ‘Energy Tree’ by SolarBotanic Moves Closer to Radically Transforming Green Energy Industry

London, UK – While the political consensus on climate change keeps fluctuating, SolarBotanic, a company dedicated to green energy production, is taking the final step towards building a prototype of the ‘Energy Tree’, a radically new concept in the alternative energy industry. The Energy Tree is a low-cost, renewable energy source that harnesses both solar and wind power, and can supply power to homes, communities and electrical vehicles.

It’s called the SolarBotanic energy tree, a disruptive technology that not only generates power but also imitates the green, natural shape of a tree to enhance surroundings. Imitating photosynthesis to generate power has always been a dream of science, and the Energy Tree is the culmination of SolarBotanic’s ground breaking research and success of proof of concept, in conjunction with the Brunel University, London.

A single Energy Tree can easily power a 3-bedroom home and create the ambience of a tree in the backyard. A garden of Energy Trees can power a neighborhood or community, and recharge electric cars when planted on the road side. The Energy Tree comprises ‘nanoleaves’, which carry ‘nantenna’ or electromagnetic converters, that can work with both visible and invisible radiation, allowing the Energy Tree to work even after sunset or on a cloudy day. The branches, twigs and leafstalks carry piezoelectric ribbons that convert movements driven by wind and rain drops into energy. The energy generated is passed down the trunk made of recycled polymers and synthetic resin. The power can then be stored or transferred, and excess energy can even be sold back to a grid to generate income.

The effects of global warming are becoming starker than ever today, as depicted brilliantly in the film ‘Before the Flood’ by Leonardo DiCaprio. The Energy Tree is robust, works in all weather conditions, and helps create green, natural like surroundings. Gardens built with the Energy Tree are thus poised to bring about a revolution in the way homes, communities and transportation are powered. To bring about this radical change in energy autonomy, SolarBotanic is currently looking for a manufacturer to mass produce a working Energy Tree.

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