Business Coach Scott Keffer Provides Path to Dream Lifestyle for Financial Advisors

Business coach and advisor marketing authority, Scott Keffer, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show, where he shares how he shows financial advisors how to solve their two biggest problems so that they can achieve the business success and lifestyle they advocate for others.

Scott Keffer, an author, speaker, and business coach who works with financial advisors, estate planners and money managers across North America, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize. They discussed the strategies Keffer uses to orchestrate business and lifestyle breakthroughs for financial advisors.

Keffer, the creator of Double Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp and, finds that while highly skilled at helping their clients plan and build successful business and personal lives, financial advisors often fail to do so for themselves.

According to Keffer, “We show advisors how to solve their two biggest problems which cannot be solved by being better financial planners, better money managers or better estate planners. First, we show advisors how to create a predictable and profitable, steady stream of the right kind of clients? And then secondly, we show them how to build a lifestyle-friendly business, so that they can take home more money, take off more time and have a bigger impact on their family, friends, clients and causes they care about deeply.”

He believes strongly that the financial industry itself has been educating its members with the wrong way to go about building a successful business and lifestyle. Casting a wide net and taking anyone as a client and also relying primarily on referrals will not lead to the desired end result. Not all clients are ideal to work with and referrals cannot be leveraged, nor are they a predictable source of clients. He finds most advisors are very frustrated with their current income and the amount of time they spend at work, because they believe they’ve done everything they’ve been told to do by so called “experts” in the industry and the results are not what they were led to believe.

Keffer espouses creating a “country club” business. In a country club, a prospective member must “qualify” to give the club money by filling out an application and being approved. Advisors need to embrace this mentality and create systems that attract and engage “right fit” clients who qualify.

In Keffer’s experience, a business comprised of “right fit” clients will allow the advisor to make more money, work fewer hours and have a more enjoyable experience when working with those clients, which results in more energy.

“You invest money, time and energy in your business and you should hold your business accountable. It should return to you multiples of what you invest. Just like your client wants a return for their money, you should be getting a return from your business of three things: more money, more time and more energy,” says Keffer.

He continues, “Without those three, you can’t live the impact you’ve been put on the planet to live. Your business is the platform that will allow you to carry out that impact.”

Keffer’s highly successful program includes systems and automated processes which attract and engage “right fit” clients, even when the advisor is not in the office. Combined with the “country club” mentality, many financial advisors are themselves finally living the preferred lifestyle they’ve helped their clients achieve.

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More About Scott Keffer:

As one of the highest paid coaches in North America, Scott shows financial advisors, estate planners and other business owners how to solve their biggest problems, which include how to predictably and profitable attract a steady stream of qualified clients and create a freedom business that runs better when they are not there, so that they can take home more income, take off more time and have a bigger impact on their family, friends, clients and causes they care about deeply. He believes that every single person has been put on this earth to live a life of BIG Impact.

As a Continuing Education Instructor, Scott has instructed thousands of attorneys, accountants and other financial advisors at universities, tax conferences, national accounting firms, Estate Planning Councils, and Bar Associations. His 30 plus professional articles have appeared in Physician’s News Digest, Resort Living, National Underwriter, and Dynamic Business.

Scott has been profiled in a number of books and publications, including Research magazine, Creative Destruction and two of Strategic Coach founder, Dan Sullivan’s books: The Advisor Century and Unique Process Advisors.

Scott is a warm communicator with a passion for helping people transform their futures. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife, Beth, and their chocolate Lab, Max, and they enjoy walking, reading, and spending time with their grown children, Josh and his wife Andrea, and Anni.

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