Wable: The First Raclette Grill Exhaust Hood

Past week the Dutch entrepreneur/inventor Robin Willemse launched his product which is very useful for a lot of households in Europe. He started a kickstarter campaign for “Wable”. This raclette grill exhaust hood, which you can put over your raclette grill, ensures all the poisonous particulate matters, odours and whirling around grease is being sucked into the hood and filtered.

NEW YORK, NY – 16 Mar, 2017 – Robin Willemse, former entrepreneur of BBQ Burger in Almere, the Netherlands, has had negative experiences with exhaust systems. In his restaurant the hamburgers were grilled on real barbecues. The enormous amount of smoke that came along with this process was hard to filter and sometimes made his restaurant looking like it was on fire. This did not get of his head. During the holidays, when using the raclette grill with the whole family, it was the topic of conversation: “Nice using the raclette grill, but the nasty odours make your house smell for days.”

“Actually it is very strange that nowadays in the Netherlands more than half of the people use their raclette grill during the holidays but there is still no real exhaust hood for the odours.” That is wat Robin Willemse thought off when he began designing the raclette grill exhaust hood. Several months he worked with his father, father in law and brothers to get the design right and that worked out. Since the 6th of March you can order the product.

Robin Willemse is trying to get the funding via a Kickstarter campaign. You can order a “Wable” via www.kickstarter.com or via www.wable.eu. When Robin has reached 1000 orders, the producing can start. He is convinced that it will be a great success: “Who doesn’t love to use the raclette grill with his loved ones, without the nasty odours spreading through the entire house.” You are thinking, the table even fuller than it is, but nothing is further from the truth. Because his flat design the Wable creates extra space on the table.

The Wable has even more advantages than what Robin Willemse thought off when designing it with his family. “We tested all thinkable tests on the Wable.” This is when they found out that it sucks and filters all particulate matters, so the air is always clean. This used to be a big problem for people with birds. “Well if it can kill birds, it must not be too healthy for people and particular children and people who are asthmatic” is what Robin thought when he began experimenting with his filter. The Wable comes with disposable filters.

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