Graphitii Review A New Secrect To Boost Audience Engagement And Put Prospects’ Attention In A Strangle Hold

Attention is what maintain the success of online business and if any company striving for the purpose of attracting more readers and keeping their attention span. Graphitii is what they should consider.

Cinemagraphs are maximizing every metric internet marketers care about and plenty of savvy entrepreneurs are leaving the traditional way of grabbing attention, and converting traffic in favor of this mind-blowing new method. Cinemagraphs work and hypnotize reader’s attention by keeping a separated part of the video moving, while maintaining the rest of it in a freeze frame, create an unstoppable hypnotic effect. It’s called “isolated motion,” and there is very little thing can be better at grabbing and keeping attention like Cinemagraphs. However, not so many people are using them since to make one is not easy, and have some designer to create them is not cheap either until now. Recently, people could design a stunning cinemagraphs in a few minutes without having to spend a dime on new equipment thanks to a new software called Graphitii.

Reader can explore the features of Graphitii Software at their official site here.

Graphitii Soft is a premium cloud-based service that lets people tap into the power of eye guidance and isolated motion to generate inspiring Cinemagraphs in minutes without the require for skills and expensive software like Photoshop. It neither needs their users to upgrade their computer to get the software to work because the software is web-based and has nothing to install.

Here are some ways that user can benefit from utilizing Graphitii Software:

• Blog Booster: Cinemagraphs are able to funnel up to 71% extra organic traffic from social media platforms such as Facebook as well as Instagram and also get nearly 117% additional clicks than normal static pictures.
• Fantastic Facebook: Facebook enjoys cinemagraphs, and Facebook users enjoy it too. Paid or organic, users cannot fail to win with 85% extra content engagement, a 45% decline in advertising CPC, and 40% increase in ad relevancy.
• Twitter Hitter: Their campaigns utilizing cinemagraphs have thrown up some real big hitters with campaigns boasting as much as 110% more engagement.
• Endless Instagram: Completely crush Instagram by producing eye-catching cinemagraphs that exhibit marketing message around the clock.
• Scroll Control: Stop viewer mid-scroll to focus on the cinemgraph marketing message for up to 50% longer than general.
• Astonishing Ads: Cinemagraphs have been known as hypnotic, captivating and mesmerizing. More importantly, they have been proven to consistently drive more clicks, enhance sales, and lead to 34% greater brand awareness.
• Inspired Inboxes: Not simply can provide the best-looking emails to build brand, reputation, and authority but using cinemagraphs in users’ emails has been verified to increase email engagement by up to 72%.
• Super-Subscriber: Change under-performing squeeze websites and landers into digital dreamscapes with the power to capture audiences’ imaginations and enhance contact form submission by 20%.

“When it comes to Facebook ads, the most difficult part is producing those images that your targeted audience can’t ignore.” Said Alex Sebastian, a beta tester of Graphitii, “When you attain that great image/gif that reduce your advertising spend and increases your sales conversions you know you are onto a winner. Graffiti Soft makes this so easy. I’m even using it to generate gifs to put into my email campaigns to enhance click engagement through rates. It is a success.”

If marketer needs their ads to be clicked, their brand to be recognized, their marketing to be trustworthy, talked about, and tipped for greatness. The first thing they need is attention. Graphitii gives marketer that currency in abundance by mesmerizing audience, and focusing their unwavering attention on marketer’s blogs, ads, emails, squeeze pages and especially brand.

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