Dave Dwyer Receives Rave Reviews for His Video Tutorial Series on Real Estate Video Production

Brisbane, Australia – The most essential course in video production and photography for real estate business is now online. ‘How to Shoot n Edit Real Estate Videos’ by Dave Dwyer from Brisbane, an AIPP accredited professional video producer, educator and freelance photographer, is generating rave reviews. The series has shot to fame with the most comprehensive marketing video tutorials that reveal the tricks, techniques and nuances of making real estate videos that build brands, generate leads and increase sales.

Real estate and property videos play a decisive role in shaping buyer expectations that finally culminate in sales. But the insider knowledge on how to shoot real estate videos had so far remained in the closet. Dave created the first video of its kind on YouTube (‘How to shoot and edit real estate videos’) that clocked over 30,000 views, which led to the creation of the new online training video series, ‘How to Shoot n Edit Real Estate Videos’.

The video series, meant for real estate marketing professionals, agents and video producers, takes the viewers through every challenging aspect of shooting and finalizing real estate videos – the business, equipment, locations and styles, camera settings and production on-location, video editing workflow, post production stabilization, speed ramping and drone shots.

“As a video producer and photographer, I get a real kick out of knowing that my work contributes to the success of my clients,” says Dave. He produced 132 real estate videos in 216, a record for him.

‘How to Shoot n Edit Real Estate Videos’ is for those who wish to create and run their own video production business for the real estate industry. “This course is by far the best real estate video production course I’ve seen anywhere on the web,” says Roman Paylian in his review of the video series.

Video Link: http://player.vimeo.com/video/203585542

Dave specializes in business promotional videos, corporate and live event video production, media events and video marketing for real estate. After working for the railways as a video producer for over ten years, he set up his own video production company with a strong focus on marketing for real estate. His unique style of bringing out emotions and the techniques he honed are revealed in the video series. Dave has also produced a music video for the track, “Just My Luck” from the self titled album by Chris Ramsay & The Febs Band.

“My goal is to produce a video experience that potential buyers will want to watch again and again. This series would also be beneficial to anyone interested in the production and marketing of online video for the purpose of selling real estate,” says Dave.

To know more, please visit: www.davedwyer.com.au and www.howtoshootneditrealestatevideos.com

Promo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Q9wxZC5FuI

Series Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8SiQWgM-3c

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