Over EZ – Now Available in All Hasty Market Locations across Canada

Hasty Market, a successful food store chain with locations throughout Ontario begins offering Over EZ, an all-natural dietary supplement formulated to help reduce hangover effects of alcohol.

TORONTO, ON, CANADA – 16 Mar, 2017 – Over EZ, an all-natural dietary supplement specially formulated to help reduce the hangover effects of alcohol, is now available in all Hasty Market locations across Canada. Hasty Market, a successful chain of food stores with over 200 locations throughout Ontario, is a recognized company for its variety, quality and convenience, serving local communities with efficiency and effectiveness since 1981. Offering an array of products and services, Hasty Market locations will now add Over EZ to their lineups which currently include snacks, soft drinks, lottery, grocery, frozen food and more.

“With locations spanning across Ontario and stores ranging between 1500 to 5000 square-feet, we are committed to serving each community with our many available products and services,” says Steve Tennant, VP and General Manager of Hasty Market Corp. “The Hasty Market chain is very proud to be carrying the Over EZ hangover supplements, being that customer service and convenience is our top priority; because it is essential for each of our stores to be community-oriented, keeping the customer’s interest in mind, the needs of the local customer can be met through products such as the Over EZ hangover cure.”

Over EZ’s simple three-step approach begins with the party-goer taking the supplement with his or her first drink or during alcohol consumption, with only one Over EZ capsule required to prevent a hangover. The supplement goes to work neutralizing the body’s reaction to acetaldehyde, one of the major toxins that makes individuals feel “hungover,” by stimulating the production of the enzymes ADH and ALDH in the liver. The next morning, Over EZ users wake without the effects of a classic hangover, ready to conquer the day.

“Put succinctly, Over EZ is the real deal.”

Disclaimer: Over EZ and Hasty Market representatives stress that Over EZ will not stop intoxication or reduce the effects of the alcohol, and that, of course, only avoiding the drinking ritual can do so.

For more information visit: www.Over-EZ.com or email: info@EZ-lifestyle.com

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