Billboards No Longer An Eye Sore Due To New Travel Game

HARRISON, AR – 16 Mar, 2017 – Overcomer Games LLC has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their new interactive travel game called, appropriately, Billboards.  This game brings a new element to the old tried and true travel games played across the country by everyone from kids to adults. Billboards combines crosswords, alphabet game, bingo, and billboards to make one of the most engaging and addictive travel games you will ever play.

Billboards was brought to life during a ten hour trip from Arkansas to Texas. The Alphabet Game the kids were playing was good, but it was obvious it could be better.  This started the conversation which led a family to develop Billboards, and begin a new journey to get it manufactured and retailed.

Billboards is designed around the need to entertain ourselves during long trips in a vehicle; while, staying engaged with our environment. There are many devices for playing games and movies during travel and though they are entertaining you miss the whole trip.  Billboards on the other hand requires you to look around during the trip, read, think, communicate, and sometimes even yell.  The game uses the signs you see all around you during travel on billboards, trucks, business, and road signs to complete one of the five intensely competitive or cooperative games.  Families will love it, church groups can’t wait, and school field trips will never be the same.

Don’t let your next trip be a bomb instead of the bomb, find out more and help us get this great product to market by visiting or our Kickstarter at here.

About Overcomer Games LLC

Overcomer Games is a brand new company founded in 2016 specifically to bring Billboards to the masses.  The physical Billboards game is awesome, and we hope it will drive interest for our next step with the Billboards mobile app. This mobile app is going to take Billboards places the physical game could never reach. It will contains stats, awards, avatars, and tournaments just for starters. However, the company does not plan on stopping there, we already have a second game in the works called Overcomer which intends to give even the most experienced game board geek some unexpected challenges. Overcomer is a one of a kind cooperative and competitive game which will have multiple modules available to keep the game always new and fresh.

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