Accessible Compliance Reveals How Companies Can Prevent Becoming Part of a WikiLeaks-Style Scandal

WORCESTER, MA – 16 Mar, 2017 – There is nothing worse than the thought of becoming the subject of a WikiLeaks-style scandal. While most small and medium-sized businesses usually aren’t the high-end target for this type of exposure, the threat for it to happen is still there if you aren’t taking all the precautionary steps necessary to prevent them from occurring.

Accessible Compliance, based in Worcester, MA recently announced the addition of a new, free Cybersecurity webinar that covers the numerous remote threats that put your business at risk from getting swept up in a WikiLeaks-style controversy.

“Cybersecurity is a very complex subject. The core of our business is to protect our customers and potential clients from unknown threats that put their company at risk,” says Richmond Appiah, Director. “To help others gain a greater understanding of how dangerous these hazards are, we’re excited to offer a free Cybersecurity Webinar that explains the issues – and the solutions for preventing sensitive information from getting distributed improperly.”

Richmond Appiah continued, “Our team is passionate about assisting our clients to achieve compliance with all regulatory requirements, and providing all the Internet-based security and privacy solutions they need to safeguard their associates, customers, business partners, and third-party vendors from getting targeted as part of data or computer system breach. Our mission is to stop a WikiLeaks-style scandal before it can even become a threat to our client’s business.”

The Accessible Compliance Cybersecurity Webinar is scheduled at multiple times daily, Monday through Friday to help accommodate the busy schedules of business owners and managers from across the United States. Attendees will get the opportunity to schedule a free HIPAA Consultation with our security and privacy experts to discuss the needs of their organization.

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Accessible Compliance offers cutting-edge HIPAA Compliance Solutions including Security and Privacy Software that Empowers Small and Medium Sized businesses to remain competitive while meeting all business objectives. Email Encryption services are compatible with most Email Clients, including Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, and other popular Email clients.

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