WARDJet Releases New Product for Precise Control of Waterjet Cutting Abrasive

TALLMADGE, OH – 16 Mar, 2017 – WARDJet, a waterjet cutting machine manufacturer based in Tallmadge, OH, has released a new product that increases the accuracy of the amount of abrasive delivered to a waterjet cutting head. Featuring IP67 construction, an industrial standard for being submersible in up to 1m of liquid, the Precision Mini Hopper is designed to avoid costly downtime.

The new watertight design prevents water from gathering inside and causing abrasive clogs during waterjet operation which translates to increased production capabilities, less down-time, and higher profitability.

The Precision Mini Hopper is an integral part in the entire waterjet cutting system and acts as a holding cell for abrasive before it is mixed with high pressure water. WARDJet’s new design is highlighted by a digital membrane panel that controls the flow rate of abrasive.

Also, unlike similar devices which include notched feed wheels that deliver abrasive in undesirable “packets”, the Precision Mini Hopper features a smooth, internal feed wheel that allows waterjet abrasive to flow consistently. The hopper automatically manages abrasive flow with reprogrammable presets and variable speed controls.

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About WARDJet:

WARDJet is a waterjet cutting machine and original equipment manufacturer based in Tallmadge, OH. Founded in 1995, WARDJet is vertically integrated and manufactures nearly all parts (including circuit boards) in-house. With a focus on tailored waterjet cutting solutions, WARDJet continues to lead the industry by manufacturing systems that are used around the world to cut materials ranging from tinfoil to titanium.

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