Humalytics Uses “Human Mettic” technology Allowing Users To Observes Viewer’s Facial Expression And Reaction


It is facial recognition software that can read visitor’s facial expressions, eye movements, and more when they are viewing the videos. The success of the next product plan accurately in advance by revealing exactly how the viewer’s outlook respond and feel to marketer’s ideas anybody can say anything about the plan. It also shows buyer objections, and high conversions know w/ 100 percent accuracy on how the audience is responding to the marketing without doing any guess work. It helps the user create a winning webinar, video, product launch, ad campaign, and more every time without fail.

Humalytics is the new and innovative software, designed with a” Human Mettic” technology that observes the facial expression, emotional response, and reaction of the real audience who watch the videos. With this Humalytics, the user can predict their customers’ outlook and accordingly they can convert them into potential consumers. This process can help the user save la lot of money and help the user not to waste money on unproductive video marketing.

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Humalytics is unique software that enables the user to know exactly what their prospects are thinking and what they want from the user just by looking into the prospect’s eyes. It injects the users’ online business w/ psychic abilities and helps them predict the success of their marketing w/ 100 percent rigor.

With this Humalytics software, the user can discover buyers’ objections, and it helps them stop profit leaks to enhance conversions. Also, the software helps the user to find the latest trends and assist them in removing barriers to increase sales quicker than before. The Humalytics instantly reveal where the marketer is losing business, and help them scrape it back with secretly obtained aptitude.

How does it work?

Step 1: The user must sign up for an account and select ‘Create New Survey,’ located on the front page.  Here the user can create their visual content.

Step 2: Send the links to the clients along with some thank you annotations. Once the consumer opens the link, their face will be visible on the usurer’s computer screen.

Step 3: The software start running and study the client’s reactions. Different types of emotional and data chart will appear during the process.

The Humalytics soft will provide all the information on the marketer’s customers’ reactions, like narrowing eye contact, blinking, glancing other things, etc. With the help of Humalytics, the marketer can improve their content quality and produce high engaging videos by understanding their visitors’ needs and expectations of their product. This software will provide the user an incredible chance to uncover the problems and fix them immediately and enhance their client’s requirements instantly.

Humalytics software not only understands the users’ prospect’s emotional responses but also analyzes those responses, and sends the information to the users every single day. This data can help the user to manage their product content and enhance their business. The data also contains viewer’s outlook and demographic information. It can help the marketers know exactly which group of visitors is affected and it helps them find the way to fix the problem.

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