Maxalizer is About to Revolutionize How Lawns and Gardens are Fertilized

More than 20 million tons of fertilizer is used each year in the United States to nurture crops and beautify lawns, but almost all of these fertilizers produce devastating effects on the environment.  The majority of the chemicals which are essential fertilizer components; nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are made from highly refined natural gas or are harvested from the earth by blast mining. This kind of mining not only strips vast areas of plants and animals, but it creates toxic remains that can damage the local ecosystem for years to come.

A new kind of fertilizer named Maxalizer, however, has been developed to minimize impact on the environment. While Maxalizer is truly organic and eco-friendly, it is also proven to produce stronger, more vibrant lawns and gardens than other leading brands. Half of the secret to this powerful fertilizer system is worm castings which break down nutrients already in the soil and feed them to your plants. The other half is a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer concentrate made from natural materials like egg shells, coffee grounds and banana peels.

After years of experimentation and testing, Maxalizer was created to help your plants produce stronger roots, more disease resistance, and better fruit.  The Maxalizer team is ready to go into mass production, but they need your assistance to build the manufacturing system, start production and bring this amazing product to market.  You can support this historic project by backing their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and, in return you may receive valuable perks like their Seed Starter Sample Pack or Liquid Maxalizer & Worm Castings Pack. 

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