Acclaimed Hungarian Singer-Songwriter Norbert Kristof Will Release Newest Album along with a Tie-in Video Game

As one of Hungary’s most popular and beloved musicians, Norbert Kristof has been producing hauntingly beautiful indie rock for almost a decade.  Whether imbuing his songs with ethereal and soaring vocals or rocking out in true head banging style, Kristof is always an ingenious musical artist.  His most popular songs include “Forget Your Name,” “Animal Bones” and “Remember to Rewind” found on their albums MILK, AMERICA, ANNA and THE WORLD OF NEVER WE ARE FOREVER.

His latest project, which includes working on a full length album entitled SECRET SUN as well as an adventure video game for mobile devices, is currently in production in Los Angeles.  As one of Kristof’s favorite cities, Los Angeles is the inspiration for this newest musical production; the people, sites and palm trees serve as a backdrop to his lushly, beautiful musical compositions.  The city will also be the stage for the many videos and documentary of the composition and recording process.

LA is also one of the featured locales in the SECRET SUN video game which is being produced by Bernadett Horvath.  The game will follow the lead character Norbert as he travels from Hungary to LA, where he searches the catacombs beneath the city and discovers Girl Afraid.  This classically inspired point-and-click game will also feature music from the SECRET SUN album as a soundtrack.

In order to make the album and the video game the commercial successes they promise to be, Kristof and Horvath have sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise $8,000. These funds will go towards studio time, album production, video game programing and voice talent.  Financial contributions to this campaign may be rewarded with valuable perks like CDs, video games, and producer credits on the album. To learn more Norbert Kristof or to make a contribution to this project, please visit

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