Video marketers can now create videos with studio quality thanks to the power of Lets Animate 3

Whether you sell your own products and services, or run an affiliate business, video is the best way to present your content to your customer. This is why Lets Animate 3 has been designed to help marketers create professionally looking videos that attract customer’s attention.

2016 witnessed a surge in the popularity of video as a content marketing format. Recent studies have shown that 77 percent of people was convinced to buy a product after watching a video, 91 percent of businesses planned to increase their spending on video in 2016, and 72 percent of companies said video had improved their conversion rate. If marketers do not already have a video marketing strategy in place for their website and social media, they are missing a tremendous opportunity to reach and engage with their audience.

However, the studies have also pointed out that 61 percent of consumers were hesitant to buy a product after watching a bad explainer video. When marketers decide to create video for their content, it must be done right. Marketers can reach improved conversion rate when they create a professional video but not some flat slideshow video with some random music. This was the time when Reza April released his product called Lets Animate to help marketers with their video production.

People can find the detailed features inside Lets Animate Vol 3 package review and demo.

Lets Animate 3 is a full package that includes both the character animation and background illustration with studio quality. It is a new product that will make user’s video marketing life. Inside this package, Reza April will show his followers how to create an engaging video to draw their customer’s attention.

Let us now have a closer look at some features of Lets Animate V3:

Flexible – The cartoon characters and background designs can work in any editing video software. The creator provides SWF, PNG Sequences, GIF And Transparent MOV for each animation.

Studio Quality – The animation is carefully crafted and also implement motion blur which cannot be found in any similar product.

High Definition – If marketers use After Effect software to run the product. They can use the HD Transparent MOV version to create professionally looking videos.

Drag And Drop – You don’t need any animation skill, users just need to drag and drop to their favorite software and they are all set.

Lets Animate is a powerful animation tool that improves the quality of marketer’s video. The package provides a lot of characters with different nationalities, races, occupation, and gender. The creator of Lets Animate 3 has made it flexible enough as they give it in standard GIF, SWF (Action Script 3.0) as well as high-quality transparent PNG in order to run with professional software such as Adobe After Effect.

The package includes 14 different characters with 30 unique animations each. Moreover, the animation format will be transparent GIF, MOV, SWF and PNG Sequence. Users can also use the 10.000 static PNG sequence images anywhere as static images.

One good news for online business is that Lets Animate Vol 3 comes with easy to follow instructions so there is no need for users to have any technical experience or expertise to make these improvements.

Chrissy Withers, a satisfied customer ofthe product, shared her experience: “An Impressive collection of animated characters that are both professional quality and extremely versatile. And I love the fact you get scenes with the character too! It’s fantastic value for money!”

Concerned reader may find more detailed information in Lets Animate 3 Review and Bonus.

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