Contentio Helps Marketers Generate Google-Friendly And High-Quality Content For Their Websites In Less Than Sixty Seconds


Contentio WP Plugin helps the user rank high in Google with optimized SEO Content, and assist them to generate lead magnets, online courses, blog posts, and more for absolutely free. It offers WP compatible solutions and allows the marketer explore high influenced content to the source, the built-in spinner generate exclusive content every time.

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YouTube videos offer an amazing opportunity with high-quality content for users. However, creating and converting content is not easy. After rigorous development and testing, Neil Napier finally found a way to generate unique, high – quality content in less than 60 seconds called Contentio.

Contentio software takes the content from YouTube videos and spins the content to produce an unrestricted inimitable deviation, post content and organize them around the web. If the marketer wants to know how to get the traffic to their website, or how to become a professional in the market, then getting Contentio is only the answer.

The Contentio advanced software comes with top quality features that help the users to obtain high-quality content from YouTube Videos.  This WP Plugin takes the YouTube videos subtitles and turns them into blog posts. It also generates 100 percent explicit content quickly, which the marketer cannot expect from any other services. This Contentio WP Software instantly creates posts through YouTube videos. It connects any keyword with any link throughout the blog and integrates individual text description to process at the end of each post. 

Most of these online marketers who are earning profits have built their business using the power of exclusive and high-quality content. However, the business which people do not have money to hire professionals speaking good English and charges  40 dollars per hour or more is a tough process, and it costs the marketer more. Contentio helps the user create amazing content and aid them in getting great results with a small investment.

YouTube offers a great opportunity by providing the CCS (Closed Caption System) that facilitates the content creators to produce high-quality content. But, every marketers can find the right content, also, converting closed captions to content is not an easy process. Contentio WordPress plugin comes with top features, which can help the user to get top-quality content from YouTube Videos, and allows them to spin the content to produce unlimited and different post content and assist them to organize around the web.

Contentio soft gets YouTube video tags from the selected video and integrates them automatically to the users’ post tags that can the posts obtain higher listed on Search Engines.  The upgraded version of Contentio can create and publish posts automatically on the users’ blogs.  Identify some keywords and the Contention will set up and publish posts automatically in less than sixty seconds. The word count and reading time preview feature helps the user to make sure that the post is not too small or too long for the readers.

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