Social Commerce Innovators ‘Btab’ Seek To Raise $100 Million To Support New Enterprise Globally

‘Btab Network’ provides a platform for turning ideas into business reality.

Sydney, AUSTRALIA – 16th March, 2017 – Sydney based online global innovators ‘Btab’ have unveiled plans to raise $100 Million to support the growth and development of new businesses across the world.

The Btab platform has publicly announced its commitment to providing thousands of small businesses, entrepreneurs and visionary individuals with a means to nurture and develop business ideas into successful, sustainable and profit earning venture – perhaps even helping to identify the next Rupert Murdoch.

Founded in Australia, Btab provides a complete and comprehensive range of on and offline services which business need to develop, establish and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Connecting businesses through the ‘Btab Network’, the brand also provides an online social platform for like-minded businesses to connect and support one another. 

As the currently global business climate continues to change and lean towards the benefits of online e-commerce, the market is beginning to show a widening divide between those brands who embrace the online direction and those who turn away from technology to maintain a traditional business approach.

Btab CEO, Binson Lau commented: “You only need to take a look at local high streets across the developed world to see that stores are closing, brands are failing and it’s becoming harder and harder to compete with e-commerce businesses. Those businesses that do make the big change and take to the web, will often need support to make it a success.”

Binson Lau continued: “The difficulties on and offline businesses face are becoming more apparent every quarter, with global giants such as Amazon cornering the market and undercutting virtually every smaller business, it’s simply not viable to compete traditionally. These are the brands and people Btab is here to help. Through utilising the Btab Network, we can start to level the playing field and restore a balance of e-commerce equality and fairness.”

Btab has also announced that they are currently in talks with a number of tech-giants, with a view to set up joint ventures for the brands up-coming e-commerce project.

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About Btab Corp:

Btab was founded with the vision of assisting potential and aspiring business owners in establishing theirown online business using Btab Network as an instrument. The Btab vision is to provide all small and medium businesses with an equal opportunity to improve using the same online technology that’s utilised by large multi-nationals. To do this, Btab works towards ensuring that online technology is affordable and within the reach of growing business, through the Btab Network. 

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