AGS Golf Vacations Announce New Irish Golf Tours

USA and Canadian Golf enthusiasts, gear up and get ready: AGS Golf Vacations has just announced a new set of golf tours. Destination? The beautiful, emerald isle of Ireland.

Golf tours are something of an exclusive club for those in the know, and only the die-hard golf enthusiasts realize the true value of a golf tour. Compared to standard vacations, where golfers might be able to squeeze in a few rounds at some randomly selected golf course or at the recommendation of a resort concierge, golf tours are set up with golfers in mind.

Of course, families are also able to benefit from traveling to a new locale and experiencing a new culture, but the quality and variety of courses are a priority on vacations built around golf tours. From the experience of playing on different greens, and the varying challenges posed by new lawns, to the opportunity for exploring new places and other cultures, golf tours provide the perfect combination of leisure and adventure that make for an unforgettable vacation.

AGS Golf Vacations specializes in setting up golf vacations in Ireland for their clients at an unbeatable price. With over 10,000 successfully completed golf packages, and golf tours in several European countries, the company offers golf tours that are a hole-in-one for customers.

Their golf tours come with guaranteed pre-booked tee-times, and all tours are personally reviewed by a former golf professional, so customers never have to hassle with booking a tee-time or playing a third-rate course. The courses on the AGS golf tours are often played by professionals and some even feature as the hosting ground for the British Open. Current golf tours include packages for Scotland, England, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, the British Open, and now, Ireland.

The AGS Golf Vacations Ireland comes with several options in both Northern Ireland (UK) and the Republic of Ireland. From tours in Northern Ireland, to hidden gem packages, and tours of Dublin, and southern and western Ireland, AGS has Irish golf tours for all the best greens in the emerald isle. A typical package lasts eight days, and reservations are made for several courses to be played throughout the trip, so that every day is the opportunity to play a new course. The one-course-a-day schedule allows golfers to fully enjoy a course while also making time in the itinerary for activities with the family and cultural and sightseeing tours.

For more information about the Irish golf packages, or other golf tours, check out the AGS Golf Vacations website. With summer just around the corner, it’s time to polish the clubs and get ready for an unforgettable vacation.

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